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It is probably London but it could be New York or Paris. It is probably 2011 but it might just be 1972. We are not sure. It doesn’t really matter.
Naive yet confident, our character moves effortlessly on screen. Clearly not a model she’s a dancer. Her swings, her twists, every single move, every single gesture reveals it. She is feminine, sophisticated and deceptively sassy, with a simple yet deliberate elegance. The textures and colours are changing as the rhythm syncopates with the film, magnifying the fluid silhouette. At times, we find ourselves drawn into patterns, rich colours and details as the fabrics float gracefully in the room, as if time had just stopped for an instant.
The innovative visual approach combined with the dance movements shows how extraordinarily elegant and modern this collection is. Classic but slightly rebellious, timeless beyond its refined 60’s inspiration.


CHANEL N°5 film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Container Art






What looks like a rusty old shipping container from the outside turns into a posh "living space" at the touch of a button in this Quik House by Adam Kalkin. More than a mere concept, it's a fully functioning object d'art, and it'll be set up and accepting visitors.



Many of the used containers are just being disposed of. But as time goes by, many more and more people have discovered the method of recycling used containers, and it includes artists that decided to put their masterpieces in shipping containers. Since moving arts exhibition is expensive, artists decided to put it that way with their own efficient transport infrastructure, and move it around the world.

Container Art is an urban short termed and adaptive art exhibit. It is a work of local and global artists in containers spread around town. It consists of different work of modern art in each container from different mix of artists from different cities. It’s an interactive container connecting people from different place through art.


Exhibiting art in the centre of a city can be very hard, or very illegal. Taking a different approach to urban exhibits is the Container Art: Beauty Inside Project. "An urban, itinerant and adaptive art exhibit" travels the world compiling art and ideas to showcase in 22ft containers.

Mixing contemporary styles and concepts in each container around the chosen city. One of the projects key goals is interaction with one and other.


a container art work in Kaohsiung

Shipping Container Art Studio in New York

We knew that shipping containers could be used to build beautiful buildings, but this art studio by MB Architecture in Amagansett, New York is truly gorgeous. The artist had a limited budget of $60,000 to work with and wanted something close to home that was both functional as a working space, but would also be inviting and reflective. The exterior is kept very simply as the shipping container, but painted gray for a sophisticated look and a way to blend the container into the wooded environment. Inside, bright white walls act as a blank canvas for new artwork and ample daylighting streams in through the large windows on either end.

Read more: MB Architecture Constructs Gorgeous Shipping Container Art Studio | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

Shipping Container Art School in Korea by LOT-EK

In case you couldn’t get enough shipping container architecture today, LOT-EK recently unveiled plans for an art school built from eight shipping containers in Korea. Situated along the river’s edge, the APAP Open Art School in Anyang, Korea will serve as an art school and exhibition space along a popular pedestrian crossway and recreational area. Construction is set to be completed later this month.

The Open Art School is composed of eight shipping containers set together in a chevron sort of pattern. Sited on a sloping hill near a river, the container structure is built up on stilts, with an amphitheater below it and a staircase leading down towards the water. One of the containers is cut and bent towards the ground and acts as the staircase that provides access to the building. The ends of the containers are sliced off and large windows are installed to bring in light.

Inside, the space serves multiple functions – one large open space serves as a meeting and assembly hall and there is an exhibition space, a work space for Open School researchers, and two studios for the artists. The third level and deck space, which resembles a diving board, is accessed via another tilted container with a staircase leading up for views of the surrounding area and a place for social interaction. The art center project will be painted school bus yellow with black accents and should be very noticeable from the surrounding recreational area.



Platoon Kunsthalle GwangJu Shipping Container Art Center Stacks Up in Korea

In 2009, we brought you exciting news of this beautiful new shipping container art center opening up in Seoul, and we've just discovered that it has a sister structure in Gwangju that rivals both its cool factor and creative contribution to the Korean community. Called Platoon Kunsthalle Gwangju, the newer building is made up of dark grey and orange cargo containers, and houses emerging art and subculture exhibitions as well as an event hall and bar. Click through our gallery to peek inside this intriguing space.



Stacking, Joining and Side Wall Modifications Video 13 of 15


homebase advert


Building with Shipping Containers

by Kelly Hart

An idea whose time seems to have arrived is the use of stockpiled shipping containers as modular units for building homes. Because of the balance of trade in the United States, these hefty steel boxes are piling up in ports around the country and posing a storage problem. Several architects and builders are taking advantage of this surplus to recycle the containers...





Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter


Written by Jeff Hammond.

Shipping containers are constantly being shipped around the world. Shipping containers are rugged, customizable, and standardized. The standardization of shipping containers is known as containerization. Containerization was developed to increase the effectiveness of the transportation of goods. The problem with this is the fact that shipping containers have remained relatively unchanged since the mid 1950s. Containers can be shipped full of goods all the way around the world, and today this has been mastered greatly--however, on the journey back each empty shipping container just simply takes up space.

Staxxon: Folding the box inside the box

Containerization revolutionized the maritime freight transportation industry more than 50 years ago; those ubiquitous 20- and 40-foot steel intermodal boxes seen in ports and on truck and rail chassis have made cargo handling faster, easier, safer and more efficient.

The next revolutionary phase of containerization might well reside in the vertical folding container from Staxxon Technologies, a clever solution to the old trade imbalance problem of moving and repositioning empty containers from where the freight isn’t to where the freight is.

Anshen + Allen Turns Containers Into Clinics

International architecture firm Anshen + Allen is showing its altruistic side by providing pro-bono design services for a portable health clinic prototype. The San Francisco-based outfit has teamed with nonprofit foundation Containers 2 Clinics and modular builder Stack Design Build to turn out-of-use shipping containers into preventive care units for poor and rural communities.
It's the brainchild of Containers 2 Clinics founder Elizabeth Sheehan, a Boston-area physician's assistant, who founded the organization after years of living in developing countries and witnessing the staggering lack of preventive care, and absence of basic medications like antibiotics.



Our Shipping Containers provide a variety of purposes including office containers, canteens, changing rooms or tack rooms. They can be CSC Plated for Shipping or wind, watertight and structurally sound for secure storage.




by Adrianne Jeffries, 08/22/08

Travelodge recently opened a hotel in Uxbridge, England that is constructed entirely from prefabricated shipping containers. The completed design uses eighty-six containers of various sizes that were retrofitted into bedrooms and bolted together onsite. The exterior has been clad and fitted with windows, thus converting the assemblage into a seamless 120-bedroom hotel. Verbus Systems estimates that the structure’s prefab composition saved the hotel chain more than half a million pounds and at least 10 weeks of construction

Verbus Systems claims that the hotel’s modular construction makes its construction 40-60% quicker than traditional building methods, plus it doesn’t require complicated construction processes or specialized labor, which helps to reduce cost. They also quote a 70% reduction in on-site waste. The interiors are indistinguishable from other Travelodge hotels, and after construction, the exterior betrays nothing.

Travelodge plans to follow up with a 307-room version at Heathrow. They expect to save up to 10 million pounds (18.6 million dollars) a year on hotel development by using this new method.

Read more: TRAVELODGE HOTEL MADE FROM SHIPPING CONTAINERS | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


Hotel changes the landscape of building

Financial Times on Thursday 22nd January

The biggest hotel to be constructed from shipping containers opens in London this week.

Travelodge, the budget hotel chain, imported the containers from China - complete with bathrooms, plastering and air conditioning units - then stacked them into a 300-room hotel near Heathrow in just three weeks.

The steel modules are made by Verbus Systems, a London-based company that designs, manufactures and supplies what it calls a "Lego kit" for developers.

Paul Rollett, director, believes Verbus can thrive even as recession ravages the "backward and grossly inefficient" global construction industry.

"Our proposition is absolutely unique," he says. Verbus supplies oversized shipping containers - as much as 5 metres wide - that are strong enough to build high-rise buildings anywhere in the world. It has provided a developer in Liverpool with two modules that came fully finished, with pillows fluffed on the bed.


15 Iconic Residential Eco Shipping Container Homes

Iconic Designs - The loft cube | euromaxx



Authentic 1:16 version of Arne Jacobsen's own villa in Charlottenlund Denmark by MINIMII and another one is M112 Pod, 1:12 scale replica of an actual shipping container converted into a living space by Paris Renfroe Design. Both are non-traditional doll houses that the kids would enjoy as much as their parents.

The M112 POD House by Paris Renfroe of Paris Renfroe Design (PRD).

This 1:12 masterpiece is constructed of solid exotic woods, sliding Plexiglas doors, concrete finishes and corrugated aluminum deco metal. There's an open floor plan, modern landscaping, a deck, a balcony terrace and even a lap pool.

M112 PODS & Mini Modern Furnishings By Paris Renfroe


Indoor g scale Union Pacific Dash 9-44 CW

Amherst 2011 show - Moving G scale crane.MP4


HAMMAR 195 HB Sideloader - Lifting 20ft container in port

HAMMAR 195 HS sideloader - Stacking

 8'6'' containers

Interior Architecture+Object Design: shipping container house


Bayside Marina Hotel Made of from Containers Shape - Architects

Dubbed Bayside Marina Hotel, the architecture os based on the formof the shipping container. The long narrow containers have been fabricated in Thailand and assembled in Japan. Each prefab unit is made up of two containers stacked up upon one another.

Bayside Marina Hotel Minimalist Prefab Hotel

Natural and Minimalist Design Juvet Landscape Hotel

Juvet Landscape Hotel is located on the banks of the river Valdolla, in Norway. The hotel was designed by Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor (JSA). Offering a minimalist design hotel architecture. There are large glass walls, so you can see first hand view of the river, mountain and rural. Very convenient to visit and stay there. Modern designed room furniture, so it looks elegant. Suitable for those of you who work in urban areas, want a quiet condition.


Modern 25Hours Hotel HafenCity Interior Design by Stephen Williams Associates,

Stephen Williams Associates designed the interior and as the home of a seafarer in a foreign port, guest-bed in HafenCity Hotel 25hours is designed to be warm and comfortable. Elements and materials from the shipping industry interpreted with a little wink, and rotates together with the thread a couple of sailors; 25 sailors from around the world tell their stories from actual hazardous parts, romantic encounters, wild and stormy breakup is painful. Anecdotal accessories the room’s and the object catch adventure, which is told in full length in each cabin. more


Modern Minimalist Interior Design Of La Purificadora Mexico

Located in the historic center of Puebla, La Purificadora is a modern minimalist hotel is made with a mix of bright colors. Designer uses materials such as stones from the original construction, old wood, onyx and tile floor in the hotel to creates a public space, including roof terrace, swimming pool, ground floor, restaurant, library and wine cellar. The Hotel has 26 guestrooms – including three suites – offer spectacular views of the city, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Modern Minimalist Interior Design Of WT Hotel Restaurant, Italia

When you enter the WT hotel restaurant, you will be brought in the place where you can dream. The restaurant is designed like a forest which was hovering last floor of the hotel. The restaurant has large tables that were installed in the following round by the chairs and furniture around her. Warm illumination makes this restaurant looks very luxurious, although it was decorate using minimalist concept.



The first thing that caught our eye about Mint Hotel near the Tower of London was the beautiful living wall cascading down the side of it. But when we started to look into it, we realized the hotel goes way further with its commitment to sustainability and that's when we were really impressed. Tack on energy efficient design, use of renewable energy, a green roof and a BREEAM 'Very Good' rating and you've got yourself an eco hotel of the highest quality - all within a historic part of London near all the famous sites. Looks like we know where to stay next summer during the 2012 Olympics




Hotel Hospitality +design 2012


UK-based budget accommodation chain Travelodge recently commissioned futurologist Ian Pearson to predict what guests would be likely experience in hotel rooms in 2030.